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Putting history in context means creating connections between living history enthusiasts, historic sites, educators, and families. We want to help bridge the significant gaps that often exist, and here’s how we do it:

In Situ On-Line

Ad-free printable research and resource articles available free of charge for personal and historic education purposes. You don’t need a subscription, and you’ll find the blog format accessible and easy to navigate.

In Situ In Print

A yearly printed and bound digest of our published resources, suitable for personal or institutional collections.

The modest cost of the yearly print edition covers a portion of the on-line database and usage expenses.

Write for In Situ

We’re always glad to meet historic research enthusiasts with a positive voice, accurate information, and a great research ethic!

Click here to download our pdf Writer’s Agreement

Ads with In Situ

We do not accept any advertising or “sponsored” resources. This gives us the flexibilty we require to discuss vendors in unbiased terms, and frees us to serve our historic goals without compromise.

You’ll sometimes see a vendor listed because we find their items historically consistent, showing a great attention to research application, and a good value for the quality of work, combined with ethical business practices and good customer service.

In short, we list people we’d buy from. We’d like to be kept informed of new and upcoming vendors, so let us know who you like, and why!

Learn with In Situ

If you’d like some hands-on, in-person training opportunities for your history hobby group, or site staff and volunteers, please contact us about sponsoring workshops for your area!

If you need an engaging presentation for your history or museum conference, let us know. We’re eager to help, and very reasonable to work with!

Customized Publishing with In Situ

This on-line “magazine” is developed by ESC Publishing, a niche publisher focused on the small, but important, audiences that are often under-served by traditional publishing.

One avenue we’re actively developing is a range of easily customized, site-branded publishing options to add variety and uniqueness to your site’s gift shop or sales support program. With small print commitments and flexible options, our customized publishing program helps expand how you serve your interpretive focus, without the inventory burden you might have experienced with traditional publishing.

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