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We’re eager to have your contributions to this fantastic and growing collection of living history research and resources! Ours is a fairly singular publishing platform, and we want our writers to know what to expect.

What we’re looking for:

  • High standards of scholarship and research application
  • Polished, positive, encouraging voices with accessible writing styles
  • The ability to help others draw connections and apply research content

In order to make these resources available and still protect each author’s intellectual property rights, each author releases specific rights to History In Situ. These include:

  • Rights to digitally publish articles and media on History In Situ.
  • Rights to publish articles and media in the yearly print edition (the modest cost of this print edition supports our website, database, and usage expenses.)
  • License for History In Situ readers to download and print PDF articles and media for personal research and interpretive or educational use.

Our authers do not sign away exclusive rights to all the material; you’ll notice that each author’s work carries a copyright notice in their name, not ours. As an author, you’re able to continue to share your own content in other locations on-line and in-print; we acquire publication and licensing rights only as outlined in your writer’s agreement. 

Submission is via email; Click here to download our pdf Writer’s Agreement, which contains the specifications we need to publish your work.

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