Bringing Life to the Past

With competition from a constant barrage of modern media connection, you need some special resources to establish the context that helps create connections! These free program planning resources help you get there.

Interpretive Program Planning Resources

  • How Much Did It Cost?

    Learn one method of creating connections through understanding the worth of a dollar, then and now.

  • Seven Deadly Social Media Sins

    Keep your social media content fresh, relevant, and unique… and don’t engage in these seven “deadly sins” that will tank your content appeal!


PERCS: Prepare, Experience, Reinforce, Connect & Share! When your interpretive plans include resources that help your visitors with these five areas, you can be sure you’re meeting their needs with each visit—and helping ensure they become your friends and fans along the way!

  • Rules For Time Travelers

    Small humans are interesting, full of energy, and sometimes, wholly untouched by notions of civilized behavior. Share the link to History In Situ’s free PDF, Rules For Time Traveler’s Activity Pack, and get a good start on civilizing the wee things.

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